Ciera Damali

About Ciera "Cici" Damali

Friends and family call her Cici, born Ciera Damali Thompson, & alias is Ciera Damali. From the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of"; New York! Ciera is a young lady with a unique personality that's better to experience than to describe; diva, tomboy, goofy, humorous, sassy but classy, bold, honest, confident, humble, caring, bubbly & serious. Ciera loves to write poetry, songs & stories, volunteer/philanthropy, model, compete in pageantry, dance and teach. She also has a twin sister, Kierah/Kiki Ayanna. Ciera moved around a bit as a child, learning quickly about all forms of diversity; she's lived in Queens, NY for some time, Houston, TX for a very short period (4 years when she was ages 6-10) and mostly urban areas of Long Island, NY (for over 10 years including present time). While living in different areas of New York she has also faced many obstacles in life that included living with a single mom & twin sister struggling in the poor working class for many years (after her parents divorced & moving away from their controlling and sometimes abusive father), different forms of bullying in school/extra-curricular activities during primary into secondary school and more.  The ways Ciera has overcome adversity in her life and lived certain experiences explains the strong, independent, well rounded, inspiring,  & nurturing young woman she is today. Ciera is not just a model, also a pageant queen with the philanthropy platform for Youth Empowerment & Mentorship, & volunteer/philanthropist/mentor. Ciera is also the founder of Beauty Queens for Big Sisters, a club/project on soon to be organization for ladies involved in pageantry and youth empowerment and mentorship.

Mottoes Ciera Damali lives by: "Where you come from doesn't make you obligated to limit your possibilities, but it does make you obligated to make a change.", "We all want to live for something. You only live once, so live to the fullest and make a difference.", "Sassy but Classy!".

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