Ciera Damali


Ciera Damali began competing in pageantry on the local state level her senior year of high school in 2010. Ciera was a contestant in the Miss Teen New York-World 2010 pageant with title Miss Teen Huntington-World in April 2010, in which she did not win or place, but had a great experience being in her first pageant. Ciera's dear mother spent $700 out of pocket, money she didn't really have to spare as her small family struggled financially/socioeconomically. Since then, she had been wanting to compete again but struggled with finding sponsors. In 2012 she worked hard to reach out to potential sponsors trying to compete in 2 other systems but didn't secure any sponsorships for those prior, but was blessed recently with securing sponsors to compete in her 2nd pageant (her first on the international level and first in the Miss division), for the 2012 Universal Dream International pageants. Ciera competed in the Miss Universal Dream 2012  division that year as Miss New York Universal Dream, in which she did not win or place, but scored well, made great new friendships and networks and received great feedback for her 2nd competition. The pageant was held August 22nd-25th 2012  in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ciera Damali is still available for  appearances as her state title Miss New York Universal Dream 2012. Please Contact if interested in booking! 

Ciera Damali is now seeking sponsors for the 2013 Miss Universal Dream Pageant or the 2013  New York's Perfect Miss Pageant! The 2013 Universal Dream Pageants will be held July 8th 2013 at the Palms Hotel & Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fees/costs for Ciera to compete as a returning contestant are $250 for updated sash, crown & opening number, 2 nights for host hotel, travel & competition wardrobe. The New York’s Perfect Miss Pageant will be held May 19, 2013 at Pennsylvania Hotel in NYC. The entry fee is $595 ($195 deposit due asap, $200 deposit due 2/25/13 & remaining $200 balance due 4/1/13), the full page ad fee is $150 and there are also costs for competition wardrobe- no costs for travel/lodging since the New York's Perfect Miss 2013 pageant event is within reasonable distance. Ciera is hoping to raise $1500 for fees associated with the pageant she will be sponsored for. 

Ciera would appreciate any donation to help her succeed in her pageant goals, and will offer  to help advertise your company/business/organization by giving out business cards/flyers, social media, referrals to friends, family, acquaintances etc, spokes-modeling and or modeling services in return. A Sponsor Goal page has also been created to help Ciera in her pageant goals. To view the Sponsor Goal page with all information related to the 2013 Miss Universal Dream Pageant and 2013 New York's Perfect Miss Pageant, please click here. Or you can make a secure donation also by clicking the "donate" button below. If you would like to see paperwork confirming her participation in 2013 Universal Dream Pageants and or to see what the pageant will offer sponsors, please visit the Contact page.

Ciera's platform is for Youth Empowerment and Mentorship, in which she is very passionate about. Many of are youth are struggling more and more everyday these days, and many times they are ignored or people give up on trying to help them grow into successful individuals, and our youth are our future! Knowing very well the negative influences that face youth today, being raised in "bad" neighborhoods and negative environments, this young woman is an extraordinary example of making the best out of her situations by committing herself to positive activities and being a positive role model. Being a unique individual that has faced many challenges of life, she definitely lives by her words of wisdom: "Where you come from doesn't make you obligated to limit your possibilities, but it does make you obligated to make a change.", and "We all want to live for something. You only live once, so live to the fullest and make a difference.". Ciera's goal is to become a mentor soon in 2013 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, in which she currently participates in Bigs United and volunteer activities within. Ciera also volunteers in her Long Island communities as well.

Participating in the pageant community, she also knows the hard work, sacrifice and dedication it takes when taking part in pageantry and modeling. Ciera has made a call for pageant ladies associated with youth empowerment and or mentorship to come together and make a difference for the pageant community and our youth. Ciera founded club/project called Beauty Queens for Big Sisters on, and is looking for more members/volunteers to grow and succeed! For more information on this project, please visit the site for Beauty Queens for Big Sisters.

Ciera is also a member on the wonderful pageant community The Pageant Planet.

 Miss Teen New York-World 2010 Photos

2012 Universal Dream International Pageants Photos

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